Meet the Instructors
Master Dean Click started his Tang Soo Do martial arts training in 1989. He is trained in Tang Soo Do, Moo Duk Kwan, Hapkido, Self Defense, Staff, Knife, Sword, Nunchaku, and other assorted weapons.  In 1993, he was awarded his 1st degree black belt after training his way through the lower ranks.  Master Click continued to train and was awarded his 2nd degree black belt in 1995 along with receiving the promotion of class instructor.  In 2003, Master Click was accepted into the World Tang Soo Do Association and was appointed an instructor through this association. His training and teaching has continued with the WTSDA for years to follow.  In 2006, he accomplished his goal of being awarded his 3rd degree black belt and his international judging certificate.  Master Click worked toward his 4th degree belt attending two years of master's training and testing through 2015.  He accomplished his goal and was eligible in 2016 for his Master's promotion.  His love for Martial Art's tradition and instruction has kept him active and a true teacher of the art.
Mrs. Ellen Click began her martial arts training in 1998 because it became more of a family activity in which her children and husband participated.  Her 1st degree black belt was awarded in 2002, and she retested under World Tang Soo Do Association in the fall of 2003 for their accreditation.  Mrs. Click tested for her 2nd degree belt in the fall of 2006 and received her international judging certificate.  With a goal set to continue to climb the ranks, she was awarded her 3rd degree black belt in the fall of 2011. She manages the business side of the gym, instructs class, and practices the art whenever she has leisure time.  She also offers a 30 minute workout for any parents of children who come to the classes.  Mrs. Click wants to continue sharing the knowledge of traditional Tang Soo Do martial arts while keeping individuals motivated to stay fit and disciplined.